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Divorce should be simple.  Once your mind is made up, the attorney will help you disentangle personal and business finances, plan for parental responsibilities (how you and your partner will make decisions for the kids and share time in their best interests), arrange for child support and spousal maintenance (aka alimony)-create a plan that affords you success as an independent person. You will be confident in counsel's ability to understand, advocate, and attain your needs to the fullest extent possible under the law. 

Be prepared, not scared. 

During the first consultation, you have a confidential talk about your long-term goals, for you and your dependents.  We assess what you need to get you through the next 6 months, then long-term needs and goals.  We look at health and education needs; assess concerns about a parent's ability to be consistent or put the kids first, or for their safety. Your spouse cannot take what you brought into the marriage, nor may s/he conceal assets or cut you off financially. If you've been abused, these issues may be more difficult to disentangle, and so you start with an honest, confidential talk about your history and needs.    

There is a myriad of concerns divorce attorneys must deal with, and to do that, you must be honest with counsel for her to protect you.   

There are also steps to you may take before you ever file to help protect you and your family, which might even make an amicable divorce easier.  Amicable divorces are better for everyone.  Always, especially for kids.  But if this is not possible, then an experienced litigator is so important. 

Realistic goals, no judgment 

Leave the initial consultation understanding the big picture, law that Colorado courts will apply to your case, and having explained your needs and goals.  This allows us to prepare efficiently.  

Your attorney should not judge you or blame you.  Counsel's job is to protect you and work out the best solution amicably, or through litigation. 

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