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- Focus -

Dylla Family Law focuses exclusively on family law.  With litigation experience in criminal defense, prosecution, and family law cases with military and international dimensions, our firm handles complex cases with extremely personalized service.  As a small firm, we provide quality service at an affordable price.  We provide the representation necessary to take care of yourself and your family and give you tools to help you maintain your family's needs long-term. 

- How we help -

The Dylla Family Law team will work with you at intake to set up efficient, affordable and effective case management. Once you decide to work with us, you become our first priority. We want the full team to know who you are, your needs, why you chose us, and understand the strategy for accomplishing your goals. We may bounce ideas off of other professionals or work backwards from your goals to the means needed to achieve them using proven, past experience. You control the shots, and we are here to help you through whatever the process or the other party may lodge. We will see you through it. As your advocate, we give you resources so you understand he best options and let you set the goals we will strive valiantly to attain.

Our passion is family law and we delve deeply into every aspect including:

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