A great team for great results.

Synergy: we like each other, work well together, and love seeing our clients move on to do great things.


Mariah Dylla

Mariah is a tireless advocate.  She loves challenging cases, good parents, and happy kids. She will listen, be honest, and work from the start to finish to attain your goals and a brighter future.  She is your hard-working advocate always, and for that reason is selective in the cases she takes or the goals to be asserted. 

Working within larger organizations, Mariah realized she wanted control her own practice to make bold moves when needed and provide necessary for each case. She started her own practice to be able to give clients committed and assertive representation that is needed to produce just outcomes for individuals and children. Mariah is innovative, direct, and creative, and understands the law to truly serve the best interests of her clients.


Alyssa Friend

Alyssa Friend is an organized, caring paralegal who joined the firm in January 2019.  Alyssa's work behind the scenes is detailed, thorough, and appreciated. She can be reached at af@dyllafamilylaw.com or (303) 253-1162.


Candace Head

With a PhD. in education leadership, Candace still believes her most important job centers on family.

She is the firm administrator with a passion and commitment to the mission of Dylla Family Law. Award-winning author of many publications on reading, Candace was an English teacher, administrator, teacher trainer, and professor before beginning her work with us. She brings a wealth of experience and values the high-quality work that can be accomplished in a small firm with the right mix of strong work ethic, assertive advocacy, and drive to bring about the best results for clients.